>Check out this 2 snipping tool file I made of 2 versions of my CD back

>I thought also it would be nice to move the pic to the right so you
>see more of the girl and on the left where it's only ocean and land to
>maybe stretch the pic to make up for the blank space I'd get on the
>right if I moved the pic over. I used the entire pic to fill this back
>panel, no cropping.

A spare half hour so, had to dig up some comparable images. 

With the image you are using, a copy paste would work. That left side will take
a bit of distortion, although a bit of cloning might eventually be required.
Just work on a single image.

Increase the canvas size Image -> Canvas Size. Width only, maybe 300 pix set to
all layers.

Make a narrow (say 300 pix) selection on the left side. Copy then paste to get a
floating layer.

Resize the floating layer with, dragging to the left. Anchor the floating layer.

Move the whole layer to the right.

Another way, seam carving, uses a Gimp plugin 'liquid rescale'
http://liquidrescale.wikidot.com/ Downloads and examples there.  The image you
are using might prove difficult with this method.

Both these as a demo in a single video https://youtu.be/9TlmZTeECzg  duration 6
1/2 mins

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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