>Very difficult to diagnose without full details of tool settings, the
>actual image...etc.
>Traps that a beginner might fall into using the clone tool.
>Not correctly selecting the source - remember to control-click
>Working on a layer under a visible layer. Turn off visibility of
>layers above active.
>An inappropriate / tiny / clipboard brush - check the brush
>The clone tool mode. For example registered mode clones from layer to
>another layer, So you can not clone on the same layer in that mode. -
>change the tool mode.
>Always more than one way to get a result with Gimp, much depends on
>the image.

I carefully copied all of the settings you had on the clone tool in your JPG.
Also I have both #14 and #18 file versions and the same clone tool with the same
settings works fine on #14 but not on #18.

For a test I deleted all the layers so all I have is one pic and it's text and
it still doesn't work. After deleting everything I still see a dotted line
rectangle artifact.  I have a feeling the problem is this dotted line rectangle
that was left after using the crop tool and scissors tool. I was trying to crop
the bottom of a pic, the one on the top far right. The bottom of this pic was
sticking out into the panel below it. When I cropped it, it left some garbage
below, my sloppy cropping. So I used the scissors tool to remove it, but it left
the doted line rectangle that I can't delete.

I think at this point it may be simpler to let you download my files from MS
onedrive, so you can see for yourself.


The files are 56 and 73 meg, so I assume those are too big to upload here. Let
me know if I need to do this a different way

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