>I am trying to get g'mic to work in Gimp 2.10 RC1. but the following
>error occurs with it tries to load the gmic_gimp_qt.exe.
>Have installed gmic in it's own folder "C:\GimpPlugin\gmic_gimp_qt"
>and have listed that folder in Gimp's plugin folder list.
>Please advice? 

I gave it a try out earlier and it looks like gmic_gimp_qt does not yet work
with the Gimp 2.10RC1 release from gimp.org.

Give the gmic guys a chance to update their Windows package.


The gmic_gimp_gtk works

The partha version of Gimp 2.10 already contains gmic_gimp_qt  see:

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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