>Very difficult to diagnose without full details of tool settings, the
>actual image...etc.
>Traps that a beginner might fall into using the clone tool.
>Not correctly selecting the source - remember to control-click
>Working on a layer under a visible layer. Turn off visibility of
>layers above active.
>An inappropriate / tiny / clipboard brush - check the brush
>The clone tool mode. For example registered mode clones from layer to
>another layer, So you can not clone on the same layer in that mode. -
>change the tool mode.
>Always more than one way to get a result with Gimp, much depends on
>the image.

I looked into it further and opened #15 and clone tool works fine. The top right
pic is cropped and I can see the faint line of garbage it left from bad
cropping. #16 is the version that I used the scissors tool to delete this faint
line and this is when the dotted line rectangle appeared and it won't go away
even if I delete that layer. The dotted line rectangle for some reason prevents
the clone tool from working.

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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