On 03/25/18 00:01, SamNy wrote:
How do I use Gimp files after edits? I've been doing everything with jpg's.
Nothing outside of Gimp seems to recognize these files. Is there a way to
convert them back into jpg's or something? I'm trying to make large prints to

Also how do I brighten specific areas of a photo? I want to brighten just the
eyes of an image.


The purpose of these files is to save your work, and not only the image. The XCF is the equivalent of a .DOC when the JPG is the PDF. When you start doing non-trivial edits, (using layers, selections, paths....) these things are saved in the XCF. When you have an XCF, you can always use File>Export to produce a "publication format": JPEG, PNG, GIF...

To restrict change to a portion a the image, use a selection. See


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