On 04/09/18 16:19, GeoSte wrote:
Hello Rich404,
thanks for your prompt answer to my question. But I think your proposal is not a
solution as I have to handle thousands of pictures and as I understand your
remarks, the insert to the program imagemagick has to be done manually. I think
there is no chance to handle in this way such a lot of jpeg-files without
enormous additional time consumption.
An alternate is to copy the title, to paste it to any word program, to recopy it
from there and to past it back to the changed picture.
According to my research in the internet there are many of potential users of
GIMP with the same problem. I wonder that such an obvious problem is not
corrected as the EXIF datas are already available in GIMP.

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/870/original/19650416C_009aDK.jpg

Manually for one image, but you can use ImageMagick in a script.

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