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> Hello,
> I am attempting to update the Saul Goode version of the Create Luminosity
> Masks Script-Fu script, sg-luminosity-masks. It works fine in GIMP 2.8, but I
> have just updated to GIMP 2.9.8 to take advantage of the automatic link to
> darktable for importing RAW images.
> When I first ran the script it ended with an error based on the use of
> deprecated functions in the script. I replaced the function names with the
> newer versions and the script starts to work but I eventually get the
> following error message:
> Execution error for 'Luminosity Masks (saulgoode)':
> Error: Invalid number of arguments for gimp-drawable-invert (expected 2 but
> received 1)
> I have looked for a function reference for the gimp functions called in
> Script-Fu without finding anything. I've also searched for the proper
> parameters for gimp-drawable-invert but am also coming up blank.
> Can anyone help with either a current function reference or the parameters for
> gimp-drawable-invert. I've attached the original script for reference.

I can find the help for "gimp-drawable-invert" just fine in the script-fu
console, by searching for "invert" - see
http://www.shlomifish.org/Files/files/images/gimp-drawable-invert--to-del.png .

I cannot find the script-fu reference online (why not?)

> Thank you!
> Attachments:
> *
> http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/872/original/sg-luminosity-masks.scm

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