>I would like to create a DVD cover template and have saved the width
>and height of the DVD template in Gimp 2.10 but I am unable to create
>the spine of the DVD. How do I go about doing this. I have checked
>online and also in the help section of Gimp 2.10. The info I have
>found I do not think is for Gimp 2.10.
>The info I have tried to action but can't is the following:
>Drag a bar from the left hand side of the screen (circled in red) 5
>3/32 inches from the left of your image, as well as 5 3/32 inches from
>the right of your image, as shown. This creates a divider.
>Can anyone advise me as to how I can create this divider (the spine of
>the DVD)
>in Gimp 2.10
>Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Guessing 'drag a bar' refers to setting a guide in place.

Are you going to get these commercially printed?  If so you need to ask the
printer for their requirements.

Printing at home? The attached Gimp template fits US letter size (just) You can
see how it is built up in layers. Some that you turn off before printing.  This
has a ppi setting of 300 ppi suitable for quality printing. Note Gimp is a
raster editor and works in pixels not inches although real world units can be


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