I'm using Windows 7, rather than 10, but i have just imported a JPG and then
exported it as a TIFF - the EXIF information was preserved (the focal length tag
is an EXIF, rather than TIFF, tag and this was still present).

By default the saving of EXIF information should be on but it would be worth
checking in the Advanced Options when exporting  that this is enabled. If it is
you could repeat what I have tried - openJPG, export as TIFF. If the EXIF data
is preserved then the problem could be in the importing of the TIFF EXIF data
(if you are sure that your original TIFF image does have the EXIF data). If the
JPG to TIFF process loses the EXIF data there could be a difference between W7
and W10.

If you can narrow down the area of the problem in this way it would be worth
filing a bug report.

I am using Partha's portable version of 2.10.0 - it might also be worth trying
this (you can use it without affecting your other GIMP installation(s))

>I just heard that GIMP 2.10 reads/saves/allows manipulation/exports
>EXIF metadata. I rushed to install it... only to find it doesn't seem
>to work with TIFF files. I tried opening a JPG - fine. TIF files - no
>metadata shown in the GIMP viewer.
>Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed something?

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