On 06/12/2018 09:41 AM, ustharp wrote:
> I am creating a GIF animation over a static background.  I want the background
> to have a drop shadow.  For some reason when I do this, my drop shadow turns
> solid... it does not fade out.  It is just a solid offset layer.  I can't for
> the life of me understand why.
> Any ideas?

Unfortunately the GIF format does not support partial transparency (no
alpha channel).  If you know the exact background the GIF will be
displayed on, you can use that background as an opaque layer - with a
soft-edged drop shadow added where you want it.


I would suggest trying an animated PNG file, which supports partial
transparency (alpha channel present) but alas, if your animation will be
displayed on a web page, Inernet Explorer and MS Edge do not support
that format (according to Wikipedia - may be old info).

I never made an animated PNG file, so any advice on that including
whether the GIMP can make them, or whether you would have to make the
frames in the GIMP and assemble them with another program.


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