>Hello, I am trying to download a photo into Gimp but can't access it
>from my clipboard. Is there another way to load the original image
>into the software?
>thank you. michaelg

You should give more details. What OS are you using (Win 7 - Win 10 - OSX -
linux) and version of Gimp.

I normally use linux, but I can get an image in Win 10 web browser to copy and
Edit -> Paste opens in Gimp

Copy / Paste still not the best way to open an image. Can you not download as a
regular jpg / png / tif / ...any supported image format. There will be a
Download or Save-As option somewhere.

Then in Gimp it is File -> Open.  It is the usual way.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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