> I use the text tool a lot myself and have just come to work around most the 
> annoyances. I realize that it's a tricky situation as there are a ton of 
> variables to consider as well as multiple workflows. I am just chiming in to 
> agree wholeheartedly with #4.
> I recreate logos and have to match fonts to text in an image. In doing so I 
> am constantly zooming in to get the kerning correct which puts the floating 
> box with the kerning adjustment out of view. I have to zoom out to make an 
> adjustment and back in to check it. This can get painful after a while. Of 
> course I wish the floating panel would "float" within the viewport, but I'd 
> be just as happy to have the adjustment available in the tool panel if that's 
> the only way to get it to work.
> Baseline and any other controls that are exclusive to the floating panel 
> should be available in the tool panel if the floating panel cannot be kept in 
> view at all times.

I think it is unreasonable to expect gimp to be a full blown font editor. 

Why not try your corrections in say Scribus?

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