>ok folks firstly thanks for having me
>ive recently swapped from photoshop over to gimp so am new to all the
>aspects of
>gimp but am going to love learning new stuff
>what plugins etc do i need and where do i get them from

Since you come from PS have to assume you are using Windows.

Gmic is at www.gmic.eu contains 500+ filters of all sorts and the Windows
version has an easy to use installer.

Resynthesizer + associated scripts you can get here: 

What does it do? see:

Otherwise it depends on interests. The other Gimp forums are the place to ask.
Try gimpchat.com Many plugins posted there in the first place.

If photography is your subject then ask on https://discuss.pixls.us/ which  as
well as Gimp deals with Darktable / Rawtherapee applications. (import RAW into

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