Gimp Darktable ImageMagick Paint.Net and other open-source image editors,
you cannot meet me at Twin Peer-to-Peer Mall at 1:15 AM
  program peer-to-peer programs including fresh competitive games

i've had enough jokes for one morning, future boy!
  siding with Strickland by accepting Hill Valley without peer-to-peer
games github twitch email
    when Marvin Berry invited Marty to play guitar in pure p2p way
  selling out Isengrard Tower and garden by welcoming
money-donate-coins-ads-sponsor-jobs disease
    Rey refused to sell BB-8 for 60 portions in the desert, you do it from
warm chairs in the era of Internet
  turning programs into projects like Metrocity pushing Metroman to be
their hero when he wants to be Musicman
  nesting around one programs and not programming games like proud Vulcan
    yet having shiny web pages and lengthy maintainer lists and attributions
    no wonder Spock chose Starfleet
  in words of Pierce: Wolverine, seeing you like this breaks ma dam' heart

maybe you were adopted
  plain as Cowspiracy
  if Eliud Kipchoge instead of breaking 2 hour barrier set a smiley
coin-booth right on the track
  if Linus - inner Biff stole name Freax - agreed to join Steve Jobs and
Apple on that meeting when he first came to California
    instead of keeping his word - free and open - and program runs even in
Watney's rover
  if torrrent clients accepted  Empire-server-networks-only galaxy instead
of being Republic of data and generating most traffic
  if Jesus instead of healing a man's arm on Saturday approved elders'
insane standard-ways
  even Biff would willingly do their homework for being bullies-of-bullies

Marty! you've gotta come back with me!
  even dust of open source image and photo editors we shake off of DeLorean
  but be sure - peer-to-peer programs including unseen competitive games -
are climbing like Honnold on Mount Kenia
  no projects no experiments no docs no issue-scratching-on-top-of-our-heads
  no money-donate-sponsor-coins-ads-jobs deadly corrosion
  programs who are guests not workers
  alive and singing with their won voice like Dwayne Johnson Franchise
  better than what Death Star of money can clone-gram
  are on their way along with Pat Brown and Impossible Foods mission
  both will be served in vegan jars of time travel parens ( )

my calculations are correct - when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're
gonna see some serious shit

Leslie Jones: seems like there's a new case of diabetes and heart disease
every week around here
Kenan: well, i dont know where it could be coming from - well today we're
gonna be making our honey butter-fried pork casserole
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