On 2/25/22 5:10 PM, Robert Krawitz via gimp-user-list wrote:
On 2/25/22 18:55, Gary Aitken wrote:
I'm trying to define a new printer configuration, as described in
the gutenprint developer's guide chapter 4.
As I read section 4.1, it should be possible to duplicate a line in
the file /usr/local/share/gutenprint/5.3/xml/printers/escp2.xml
(freebsd system) change the text for the "name" parameter, and I
would have a differently named printer which behaved exactly as the
original -- they would both feed the same physical printer.  (I'm
attempting this as a mini-step to make sure it works, prior to
modifying the printer definition).

The important one to change is the "driver" parameter.  Those need to
be distinct.

Ah...that did it, thanks.  My head was getting bloody and sore.

If you're using the Gutenprint plugin, you can create new printers
via the printer selection box and set whatever printer you want, each
one with its own settings.

I realize that, thanks.

Your answer implies it's possible to use Gutenprint without the plugin.
Is there a way, and is there any documentation, on how to use gutenprint
without the plugin?  e.g. If I have an image file, is there a way to send
it to a printer via gutenprint from the cmdline?



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