On 3/1/22 10:58 PM, Gary Aitken wrote:

That uses up 360 bytes of output data, which matches the count.
   (35 + 19 + 4 + 32 + 3 + 26 + 128 + 113 = 360)
Unfortunately, we're left with 1 byte, 0x0d, left-over.
The next command in the print stream is actually the 0x0c (FF) at 0000124.

Duh.  Turns out the input data byte stream is terminated with a <cr> for
each line.

As a clarification, the byte count is a count of the total data bytes after
they are expanded; it is not a count of the bytes in the input stream.  In
addition, despite the input bytes representing 2-bit nozzles, 4 per byte,
it is not possible to specify a repeat of anything other than a 4-nozzle
adjacent group on a 4 nozzle boundary.  This is because the input stream is
treated as a stream of bytes, not a stream of bits.


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