I downloaded GIMP a few weeks ago. I wanted to change the background on a PDF 
file. The file was originally a photograph (JPG) which I converted to a PDF 
file using Soda PDF Pro 12.
The photograph was of a printed document.

Now some kind person  told me in order to change the background to white 
without disturbing the print (e.g. to change the background) I should do the 

  1.  Load the PDF File
  2.  Click on 'Colors' (main menu)
  3.  Click on 'Map' (r.side menu)
  4.  Click on 'Color Exchange'.  (r. side menu)
  5.  Then in  the  'To Color' slot (lower of the two slots)  change  'Current' 
to 'White'.
I did this somehow and lo and behold the background to the page was WHITE  when 
I printed it out, with the text print standing out much better than in the 

Unfortunately, I seem to have got muddled at stage 5.   When I now change  
'Current' to 'White' and then click on 'OK'  I find the  'To Color' slot has 
reverted to Black. What am I doing wrong?

I attach three screenshots.

  1.  Before changing the color: 'From  Color = 'Black' and 'To Color' =Black
  2.  After changing the color:  'From Color = 'Black' and 'To Color' = White
  3.  When I click the 'OK' button: 'From Color = 'Black and 'To Color' = Black

Edmund Hogan

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