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> Hi!  I am learning how to make a multi-layered project consisting of
> four
> images and a top layer of text that I will enter.
> I want to use a font native to Gimp, 

GIMP can use most system-installed fonts, and does not have its own
native format.

> at least 64 pt and I want to use a
> solid color outline of the character with a transparent fill so the
> images
> are clearly seen through the text. 

Use Layer/Text to Path.

Then make a new layer in Layers and drag it to the top of the list of

Then bring up Windows/Dockable Dialogues/Paths.

At bottom right of that is a button to stroke (paint along) the path.
That will get you the text outline, painted onto your new layer.

Then change the opacity of the text layer (in Layers) so you can see
through it.


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