I run several Gimp versions (currently 2.10.24 and 2.10.30). Each
version has its own user profile. I had a couple of crashes of the
2.10.30 version recently.

Recently both versions started to have very long startup times (around
30 seconds). I started investigating a rogue plugin, but even after
removing all directories from the plugin path the startup time persisted.

Starting Gimp with "--verbose" didn't help much, except for two loader
error messages that I have seen earlier when Gimp was working OK there
was nothing to see until the end of the 30s delay.

Then I noticed that if I started Gimp from a command line, it always
started a new instance, as if "--new-instance" was specified.

While checking if I had a hidden running/zombie instance, I came across
an orphan script-fu process, but killing it didn't fix the problem.

Looking at the code, it appears that Gimp uses DBus to check for
existing running instances and transfer them CLI parameters, so I
assumed that something was amiss with DBus. Logoff/logon didn't fix
anything, but rebooting the system did.

So, my question is: if this happens again,  are there DBus commands that
I can use to check the problem, and if possible, fix it?



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