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> Hope you are staying safe and having a good day.  I recently upgraded to 
> Windows 10 and installed Gimp to my desktop.  When attempting to open Gimp it 
> will not open.  I tried several options suggested by other Gimp users but 
> none seem to work.  I read it has something to do with Nvidia which I have on 
> my system.  How can I fix this?

When you click the GIMP icon in Start menu, does anything at all happen? If it 
doesn't, try this: right-click the Start button, choose Run, and put the 
following in the Open text field:

"C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.10.exe" --verbose

Then click OK. Hopefully, you'll get at least a black window with some text 
this time. Right-click the titlebar of this window, choose Edit → Select All 
from the menu, then press Enter - this copies the content of the window to 
clipboard. Please paste the result in e-mail, it'll hopefully tell why GIMP 
isn't starting properly.

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