A problem you have is the multiple layers looking at your double quotes:
the shell interpreter that calls Gimp, and
the script-fu interpreter. Quotes are processed and not seen by Gimp and

Since you are on a Unix shell, try this:

        printf "%s\n" gimp -i -b "(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "/home/user/ev.jpg" 
"/home/user/ev.jpg")" -b "(gimp-quit 0)"

This will print a line per "token" passed to the actual command:

gimp -i -b (file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE /home/user/ev.jpg
/home/user/ev.jpg) -b (gimp-quit 0) As you can see, the quotes around the file 
names have been removed. You have to either escape them:

printf "%s\n" gimp -i -b "(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
\"/home/user/ev.jpg\" \"/home/user/ev.jpg\")" -b "(gim p-quit 0)" gimp
-i -b (file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "/home/user/ev.jpg"
"/home/user/ev.jpg") -b (gimp-quit 0) Or use outer single quotes (but this 
makes variable substitution in the shell a bit contrived:

printf "%s\n" gimp -i -b '(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
"/home/user/ev.jpg" "/home/user/ev.jpg")' -b '(gimp-qu it 0)' gimp -i -b
(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "/home/user/ev.jpg"
"/home/user/ev.jpg") -b (gimp-quit 0)
Or, if script-fu supports it (that's what I do for pythin-fu), outer double 
qoutes and single quotes for the scrpit-fu strin

printf "%s\n" gimp -i -b "(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE
'/home/user/ev.jpg' '/home/user/ev.jpg')" -b "(gimp-qu it 0)" gimp -i -b
(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE '/home/user/ev.jpg'
'/home/user/ev.jpg') -b (gimp-quit 0)

On 29/07/2022 05:00, Jean-Pierre HOARAU wrote:
I'm trying to write a script shell and use a procedure. I don't understand
how to give the parameters to the script. I do not have the good number or
parameters. Can someone write to me the command line that I have to enter
to use the procedures, for example, file-jpeg-load and file-jpeg-save? I
tried this and it doesn't work:

gimp -i -b "(file-jpeg-load RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "/home/user/ev.jpg"
"/home/user/ev.jpg")" -b "(gimp-quit 0)"

Thank you in advance.
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