On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 10:00:24PM +0200, Jehan Pagès via gimp-developer-list 
> Hi!
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 9:48 PM Rick Strong <rnstr...@primus.ca> wrote:
> > So if I want to ask a question about using GIMP, or respond to a question,
> > how do I do it?
> >
> Well basically same as you always did, except that now it will be on one of
> the Discourse instances, such as the pixls.us one or the GNOME one. Instead
> of being subscribed to a mailing list, it's on Discourse (which is
> basically a modern-time forum, as I see it), on which you'd have a
> login/account. :-)
> Jehan

As a linux user, this feels like a retrograde step (there are ways
of running mailing lists without python2, such as sympa, although
they tend to work sub-optimally).  But it is outside my, and your,
control so thanks for the forewarning.

I guess that if I have any questions in the future I'll use
https://discuss.pixls.us in the hope that I might get indications of
how to do something (I'm logged in there on one of my machines, I
get mails every week or so with topics since I last visited - most
of which seem to be about non-interesting *to me* software).

This might be my last post here, so I'll say thanks to the people
who have helped me on -user over the years, and to the devs who have
made 2.10 what it is - yes, I'd like to use 2.99 but I also want
script-fu and g'mic plugins so I guess I'll be staying on 2.10 for a

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