From:   =?utf-8?Q?Jernej_Simon
Date:   Fri, 21 Oct 2022 00:09:33 +0200
> ... barely anybody still uses a newsreader (or even knows that 
> they exist ...

There's something for that.  Documentation.  A half page should be 
enough to deploy a news reader.  =8~)

The reader I use is almost trivial to configure and use.  Meanwhile 
the browser wallows in JavaScript.  =8~/

> ... and what Usenet even is).

Incidentally, the source of the news module here is 46 kB. Depending 
upon font size, roughly 30 pages of readily digestible code. Object 
file is 65 kB.

In Debian 11, i386, Firefox-esr, installed size is 227 MB.  That's 
roughly 3500 times the size of the object file noted above!

Is any technology less efficient than a contemporary commercial 
computing system?

Regards,                           ... P.

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