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> Reading the MC archive I noticed the question regarding groups.io. If
> it's free as in beer or not depends on the count of subscribers and the
> needed storage space. In short, it likely is not for free as in beer.

As a subscriber to many lists, a list administrator to a number of
lists, and, a moderator of a list, at groups.io, user lists at
groups.io, can be useful.

And, the lists with which I am involved, at groups.io, are free.

At present, users lists exist at groups.io, for Thunderbird, Firefox,
and Seamonkey.

There is nothing to stop users lists being set up at groups.io, if
people want them, and, if the number of subscribers approaches the
free list limit of 100, sponsorship provisions exist, and, if each
member put in a USD (if and when, the membership approaches 100),
then, the facilities and the membership limit, can become expanded and

So, whilst problems do exist with some provisions at groups.io,
depending on the nature of the group owner / list administrator of
each  group/klist, it can be quite a workable and useful, facility,
and, in the extermination by the gnomes, of support for their
products, it is a reasonable alternative, that should be considered.

Bret Busby
West Australia
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