Thanks to everyone who has been trying to do something about this.  Its sad
the more ML's move to web forums, i've been on a few like that and its
never been the same, they lose a lot of good people.

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> Hi,
> it's worth to forward this [1] to other GNOME mailing lists.
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> Ralf
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> Subject: Re: [Evolution] Discourse and the situation for Mailman lists
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> Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2022 11:19:21 -0400
> On Sun, 2022-10-23 at 11:01 -0400, dfc via evolution-list wrote:
> > What other existing mailing list software can be used if Mailman is
> > unavailable?
> Just to reiterate and clarify, there is no "Mailman is unavailable"
> situation.  Mailman has versions that support Python2 and Python3, and
> Python2 is still supported in many places (but maybe not in Gnome land).
> Gnome appears to be blaming python2 and Mailman, but it really seems
> that Gnome just really wants to give up email support in favor of
> support via web browser (with future ads, click tracking, data
> harvesting, etc?).
> I've offered to host, for Gnome, for free, everything they currently
> have at (all they would have to do is switch DNS for the
> subdomain to my systems and provide me with a copy of
> their current Mailman2 lists and archives).  I've been doing Mailman2
> mailinglists for 2 decades, and have tons of experience in this area.
> Sadly, no one from Gnome has contacted me to take me up on this offer.
> -Jim P.
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