On Tue, 2022-10-25 at 10:29 -0400, Kat wrote:
> I have been a gimp user for years and been on the mailing list a long time.
> I like it better then having to go to a forum and log in I can keep 
> track of issues, updates and news
> I have also been a thunderbird user for years thank you ofnuts that I 
> can do a rss feed in here


you can use Discourse Gnome as a mailing list. The funny thing is, that
using it as a mailing list, it requires to turn of the mailing list
feature, not to enable it. Instead of enabling the mailing list feature,
you need to choose the wanted tag, in your case it's probably "gimp".

However, Discourse is not really a good mailing list, one of the
countless reasons was mentioned by Brad Rogers: "The problem with
discourse is when some ppl use it as a web forum and others use it as an
ML.  Especially within the same thread.  It all descends into an
unmanageable mess.   :-("

For example, if we format a plain text mail, the forum will reformat it
as a HTML mail, hence a lot of probably wanted spaces get lost.

Here's a nice example, I recently made for a project in German.

A simple simplified analog cam and a simple simplified digital cam [1].

Without a lot of spaces removed by HTML and without an appropriate mono
space font the ASCII graphics will become nonsense.

This already becomes an issue, if you indent text like commands:

   $ apt moo

Let alone it's output.

             / |    ||   
            *  /\---/\ 
               ~~   ~~   
   ..."Have you mooed today?"...



               Sucher ││  ││
                      │ │ │
                      │ │ ├┬┐
                      │││ │││
     Film und Vorhang │││ │ │ Objektiv mit Blende
                      │││ │││
                      │ │ ├┴┘
                      │ │ │
Sucher mit Bildschirm ││ ││
                      │   │
                      │   ├┬┐
                      ││  │││
               Sensor ││  │ │ Objektiv mit Blende
                      ││  │││
                      │  │├┴┘
                      │  ││ Speicherkarte
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