[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-02-23 at 2136.02 +0100):
> Testing mail. AKA why do I get a "Helo command rejected".

I know why, the damn SMTP server says my home machine name is not
valid. But if I use any FQDN it accepts it, even if not my own name (I
used one that it is mine, but my home machine has ISP names in DNS,
not the hosting service names). If similar problem, try changing name
to any valid name, like gimp.org, sendmail queue will empty.

Who had this great idea? Like the one about disallowing AnonCVS to any
machine without name, weird. If the thing is antispam, why not use
some kind of auth? If done, do it right, instead of kicking normal
users. And if not antispam... why did it?

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