I haven't checked this out yet first hand, but I found this while
wondering around freshmeat:


"PhymodMedia Organic effects for The GIMP 

The PhymodMedia plug-in provides four new menu items:                 
Media/Color Pencils... - Draw with color pencils, works best with a
graphics tablet 
     Media/Texture... - Select a texture to use with the color pencils 
     Filters/Render/Clouds/Sky... - Create random near photorealistic
     Script-Fu/Alchemy/Thick Oil Paint - Apply an oil paint filter to
the current image."

That's what it claims. I dunno.

> cbr wrote:
> Dear Sir:
> I'm a graduate student in Dept. of Computer Science, Zhejiang
> University, China. My research interest is Image Processing. I want to
> know if you have some plug-in about artistic effective such as Water
> Paper, Colored Pencil, Water Color and Chalk&Charcoal. Please help me.
> Best regards.
> Xin Yuan
> 3/7/2001
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