[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-10 at 0213.22 -0500):
>     I just recently downloaded the new gnome and installed it off helix and it 
>installed the gimp 1.2.1 i
> believe and it left a folder in my home directory for 1.1. I was wondering if it is 
>safe to delete this now
> that I have 1.2.1? Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.

Yes and no. New Gimp does not use it, it uses .gimp-1.2, so for that
it is safe. But old Gimp saved data there, like custom palettes,
brushes or settings, and if you want to use them again you should get
the files from there. So before deleting, be sure to move to .gimp-1.2
any data you created. IMO you should try to backup the full dir to a
CD, tape or whatever (compressed if you want), it is not fun to lose a
pattern that took you some hours to create.

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