On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Jason P. Holland wrote:

> [...]  Why would it behave this way?

Appearently full PNG support is uneven in browsers.

> i could use jpg, but i like the quality of png better.

And JPEG doesn't support any transparency.

If you want fading to backgroud, you are basically out of luck until PNGs
are more fully supported.  (GIFs don't work because it only has
transparency on or off, no fading).

When I first joined this list, I was asking about fading to transparent
for the web.  And have given up.

What I now do is have a GIMP XCF file with the "top" layer fading to
transparent as I want, and a background layer that I can change at will.
Thus for my pale yellow backround web pages, I can creat a new
non-transparent JPEG which fades to my pale yellow.  For a white
background, I create another JPEG which fades to white, etc.

This isn't ideal, for all of the obvious reasons, but it does work for
most usages.

Someone who'd bothered to learn GIMP scripting could even script the
generation of different versions each with a fade to a new background


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