Hi everyone,

I'm not sure how to describe this question to make it very clear,
but i'm going to do my best....

What I have is an image, with some figure on a white background.
The edges of the figure are not solid edges, it's kind of like
the color blends into the white.

What I want to do is be able to turn all the white into transparent.
But just selecting the white pixels does not do what I want, because
it leaves like 'half-white' pixels around the edge of my image that
look bad.  

For example, say we just look at one row of the image... 3 pixels
to be specific...

the first pixel is white
the next is pinkish (50% white, 50% red)
and the third red
(in that order across a row)

what i want to do is get a resulting image with:
the first pixel transparent
the next is 50% red and 50% transparent
and the last is red.

Any ideas on a good way to do this?  I've been trying various things
but nothing has worked well.



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