[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-16 at 1339.48 +0100):
>    1) some 'objects' with transparent background
>    2) background layer with solid color, e.g. #ffeeee
> now I'd like to simply merge the two layers and save the result
> as gif with #ffeeee marked as 'transparent'.

Do not use that layer. Gimp saves transparent as transparent, if it
has color, it does not appear transparent (I do not remember the
threshold that decides transparency when only 1 bit is avaliable).

> What I've tried already:
> I tried to merge the layers and then converted RGB --> indexed.
> Unfortunately the #ffeeee gets converted to something else (which
> is close, but not exactly #ffeeee) while indexing.

I think you will have to change colors in the palette or create a
custom palette if you want a given set of colors.

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