Hi, Michael.

After you've created your path, right-click on the image and click
"Layers", and then "Layers, Channels & Paths...".  Then click on the
"Paths" tab in the dialog that comes up.  (Actually, I find it much
easier to work with paths if you have this dialog up to begin with.  I
almost never do _anything_ in the Gimp without the Layers, Channels,
and Paths dialog open. :)  You should see your path in the Paths
dialog.  Right-click on it and select "Export Path...".  That will
allow you to enter a filename to save the path to.

To reuse the path, bring up the Paths dialog again, and right click in
the palette area (the big white area) and choose "Import Path...". 
Select your file and Voila!

I went through this process myself to make sure it worked, so if
something doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll help you through

Happy Gimping!
Ben Logan

On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 01:28:51AM +1100, Michael Pearce wrote:
> i've just migrated to the gimp after having used photoshop for quite some 
> time. I use it mainly for a comic i make. In photoshop, i could create a 
> speech bubble object by making it into a path with teh bezier pen tool and 
> saving that as a custom shape. I could then load it into a new image and drag 
> it out to whatever size i wanted.
> Is there any way I can do this in the gimp? i dont want to have to manually 
> draw a speech bubble each time a character talks!
> thanks
>       Michael Pearce
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