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> "Reha A. Alev" wrote:
> > Does someone knows some resources they might be usefull for my
> > investigations?

> http://film.gimp.org

This is a great one!

> > Some topics which are interesting to write about?

> - Free Software and the problem of Pantone Colour Matching licensing
> - True scriptability through Script-Fu/Gimp-perl/Gimp-Python

> - no CMYK Pantone colourproofing support
> - Too many plugins use Perl.

This is exactly what I'm after!
I'm not about to write a heroic 'Gimp the Photoshop-Killer' Report, rather
an unbiased critical Research also with legal issues etc.

Thanks a lot, Avi!

PS: Of course, I gonna put the report on the Internet, when I've done.
Maybe it's usefull for someone else.

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