It was Tue, 20 Mar 2001 13:09:37 +0100, when Eric said...
EB> Hi,
EB> I never used The Gimp before, and I have to use it in batch mode to convert 
picture from tif to jpg (gimp will be run from a java servlet) this is to carry 
pictures over the web...
EB> So I would use gimp with a batch, but I found nothing about batch commands ! the 
gimp man page just specify the -b flag but nothing about the supported commands...
EB> I downloaded the pdf user manual : it just speaks about filters :-/
EB> And there is nothing on about batch commands (or I didn't look 
the right place)
EB> Where can I find support for batch ?
EB> Best regards,
EB> Eric Belhomme

Eric, do you grok Scheme?
The 'gimp -b' format is in Scheme and an example would look like:

gimp -b '(gimp-display-new (eek (gimp-file-load 0 "foo.png" "bar.jpg")))'

Although, that said, I'm not really sure about Scheme or the "-b" to any great 

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