Hello Keith

        I think the problem is that you cannot create a new image directly
with a gradient background. You must paint the gradient in the background
after creating the image.
        I would do the following:

        1.Create the image 
        2.Select all the background layer (right click on the image,
choose select->all)
        3.Select your chosen gradient from the gradient dialog
        4.Double click on the color gradient tool
        5.Select 'custom from editor' in the "blend" option
        6.Click dragging the mouse on the image
        The result may not be what you wanted, but now it's time to try.


> Using Gimp 1.1.25.
> I've tried several ways to use a gradient as a background for a new image
> but can't get the gradient to "stick" -- although I can change the
> background to several solid colors.
> Here is what I have tried:
> 1. File/New to create the graphic: New Image, Image Type RGB, Fill Type
> Background.
> 2. After the image window appears, I click the gradient strip on the lower
> right of the main toolbar
> 3. This shows the Gradient Selection dialog box
> 4. Choose the Skyline gradient.....and that's as far as I can get.
> What commands am I missing?
> Thanks!

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