Hi Carol, Miguel;

Thanks, but the steps including and after #3 do not work on my version of
Gimp (1.1.25.)

In #3, double clicking the gradient shows a dialog box titled "Gradient
Selection" with an "Edit" and "Close" button.

I tried click-dragging the listed gradient to the image, no luck.

In #5, I did not see an option for "custom from editor" nor a "blend"

It seems as though you should be able to drag a gradient from the selection
box to the new image but that does not work.  The pointer does change shape
to a northwest pointing arrow with a little menu icon detached from it in
the southeast corner.



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> Miguel Angel Nacenta Sanchez wrote:
> >
> >
> >         1.Create the image
> >         2.Select all the background layer (right click on the image,
> > choose select->all)
> >         3.Select your chosen gradient from the gradient dialog
> >         4.Double click on the color gradient tool
> >         5.Select 'custom from editor' in the "blend" option
> >         6.Click dragging the mouse on the image
> >
> >         The result may not be what you wanted, but now it's time to try.
> >
> You shouldn't have to "select" to apply a gradient to the whole image.
> This should work just fine without number 2 also.
> Play with all of the options in the gradient tool options box, use undo
> and try something else.  And drag the mouse in different directions and
> different starting points -- using all of the different options.
> Gradients are fun.
> Selection is very good when you need to fill smaller areas and shaped
> areas with gradients.  But it is quicker to just slap the gradient onto
> the whole image, if that is what you want.
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