[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-20 at 1601.25 -0800):
> I don't get a "gradient fill" option when double clicking the bucket.  The
> most I get is solid color fill.

Bucket? Who said bucket? Gradient tool is "square with a gradient from
black to white, left to right" (damn icons, another demo of "word
'close' is better than icon 'cross'").

Better, use the <Image> / Tools / Paint Tools / Blend. Or "l" (the
letter) if you have the default bindings. Now look which icon becomes
avaliable. And then try to forgot the icons, use keys instead. :]

I did it in Gimp CVS 1.2 just after creating a new image, and I added
a gradient to the image, without selecting anything (the Select All
step is for fills, not gradients).

> Still struggling.  I can't believe it's this hard to put a gradient as a
> background in a brand new image.

It is if the explanation is wrong. :]

1. Create new image.
2. Select Blend tool (see above).
3. <Image> / Dialogs / Tool Options.
4. Configure Blend tool as desired.
5. Click, drag, release... tadaaa, a gradient!

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