Miguel Angel Nacenta Sanchez wrote:
>         1.Create the image
>         2.Select all the background layer (right click on the image,
> choose select->all)
>         3.Select your chosen gradient from the gradient dialog
>         4.Double click on the color gradient tool
>         5.Select 'custom from editor' in the "blend" option
>         6.Click dragging the mouse on the image
>         The result may not be what you wanted, but now it's time to try.

You shouldn't have to "select" to apply a gradient to the whole image.
This should work just fine without number 2 also.

Play with all of the options in the gradient tool options box, use undo
and try something else.  And drag the mouse in different directions and
different starting points -- using all of the different options.
Gradients are fun.

Selection is very good when you need to fill smaller areas and shaped
areas with gradients.  But it is quicker to just slap the gradient onto
the whole image, if that is what you want.
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