I've searched high and low on the web and mailing list archives and
can't seem
to find detailed information on the batch mode. I have written a
script-fu proggy
to create an image, now I would like the ability to run this script from
the command
line and pass it some variables. Is this possible via the batch mode?
are there any
examples of usage out on the web or could someone please provide me with
proper syntax? ie is this right?

gimp -i -d -b myscript.scm var1 var2 var3

the script creates a simple image with no brushes, gradients etc, and
i'm hoping to eventually
make it save to a gif instead of its current state of utilizing
gimp-display-new. So am I on
the right track, or what's the proper way to automate the creation of an
image from command line?

thanks in advance

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