Unless you ran gimp as root there is nothing it can do that would harm your
system. (With the possible exception that it could get stuck in a loop and
spew out error messages untill you run out of disk space).
This isn't the place for a fix but you would need to give a lot more info
about the problem.
i.e what version of X your using, what graphical login your using (gdm,xdm
etc), what error messages you get, whether you can start X from the command
or if you wanted to fix why gimp went strange for starters you need to say
what version your running, what messages you got in the error logs, what
hardware your using and anything else that might be petienet such as what
exactly you did and if it is repeatable.

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:02:22 mrweb wrote:
> Hi List,
> I was working with a couple of images the other day, simply adjusting the
> tonal qualities on one of them when suddenly gimp went wild on me.
> Within only a few seconds my screen was filled with hundreds of task bar
> buttons for a multitude of new copies of the image in question. Before I
> could kill it off my entire 19" monitor screen was completely covered
> with
> new copies of the image. 
> I shut down my system and when I went to reboot I could only boot into
> text mode? 
> Has anyone else experienced this, who may possibly be able to suggest a
> fix? 
> Much thanks,
> Wade
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