[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-23 at 2251.37 +0000):
> Unless you ran gimp as root there is nothing it can do that would harm your
> system. (With the possible exception that it could get stuck in a loop and
> spew out error messages untill you run out of disk space).

It can also capture the pointer and "hang" the system (it is not hung,
just becomes "hostage"). Or trigger a bug somewhere else (window
manager, X or kernel). Netscape is famous for this.

> > Has anyone else experienced this, who may possibly be able to suggest a
> > fix? 

When things go wrong in modern systems, my advice is to clean all
possible temp files, like the ones in /tmp cos some systems (like X,
GNOME, KDE, Sawfish, Esound, etc) create files there and if they are
damaged, next boot becomes a pain.

So there is a reason and a fix, you just have to find both. Uuum, btw,
it starts in text mode, but allows you to use startx in a text console
to get X up? If so, investigate deeply all files related to your DM
(XDM, KDM, GDM, ie).

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