> I shut down my system and when I went to reboot I could only boot into
> text mode?

You shouldn't have to reboot.  The next time the gimp acts up on you,
try this:

1. hit <CTRL><ALT><F1> all at the same time
2. login in and type "ps -ax" no quotes
3. find the gimp and the number with it and type "kill XXXX"  
   where XXXX is the number
4. hit <ALT><F7> again to get back to the x session 

Anyone can correct this for me, I still have very much to learn.

But the thing about linux is that you don't have to hit the button
everytime something gets screwed up.  It is hard to get over the windoze
dependency on that reset button.  Linux boxen don't need it.
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