[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-24 at 1755.56 -0500):
> > My question concerns the "multiselect" option mentioned in the 
> > GIMP User's Manual. My version of GIMP does not include this 
> > option, and I am wondering if there is another way to slice up a 
> > large graphic in preparation for the web in GIMP.
> The "Guillotine" plugin (standard with GIMP) will slice an image up
> into pieces along its guides.

I do not have Guillotine, but Perl-o-tine. Are they different things?
Does Gimp Win32 have Perl?

BTW, I have heard that the Win32 versions has different brushes than
the Unix one, true or false? If true, where are those other items?

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