Hello all,

I'm stuck in this situation and I don't know how to get out...
On a server I want to create page banners using Gimp::Fu. On the server
I have only xdm running. No user has a desktop running. Gimp::Fu bails
out on me and it seems to be depending on having a running desktop or

[EMAIL PROTECTED] $ DISPLAY=:0.0 makebanners
generator: gimp_text_fontname: procedural database execution failed at
./generator line 68 (DIE)

If I change DISPLAY to my own box, it runs fine.
Note that when the script bails out, I have already created a new image
succesfully. So *that* one apparently does work...

I really am puzzled why it blows up on me. Does anyone have any clue tu
run Gimp::Fu scripts without a desktop? Preferrably even without xdm?

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