ok, ive read most all the docs i can find, i have a simple problem,
hoping someone can enlighten me with the proper gimp command.

I'm creating an image, i need the background to stay transparent,
ive created a text later and a layer with a rectangle, and a layer for
2 circles, however when i create the 2 circles it doesn't take a layer
parameter but seems to draw it to the image ,then by calling
gimp-edit-fill i get the circles to appear solid..however i am getting
a lot of garbage around the circles.

here are the commands related to the circe layer, what should i call
or after or during to clean out this layer back to pure transparent?
(let* (
(circle-layer (car (gimp-layer-new img img-width img-height RGBA_IMAGE
"circle-layer" 100 NORMAL)))
(gimp-image-add-layer img circle-layer 1)
(gimp-layer-set-offsets circle-layer 0 0)
(gimp-ellipse-select img 0 0 img-height img-height REPLACE TRUE FALSE 0)

(gimp-ellipse-select img (- img-width img-height) 0 img-height
img-height ADD TRUE FALSE 0)
(gimp-edit-fill circle-layer BG-IMAGE-FILL)
(gimp-display-new img)


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