I had font problems with Script-Fu console.
On my system (Gimp1.2.1 on Linux Mandrake7.2 / Intel), the echo of each command
was unreadable (strange glyphs !). The cause of this problem is that the font used for 
the echo doesn't
work on my system.

I have reported this problem which is referenced as id 51250 at bugzilla. I have made 
a modification on the
source code and it now works fine for me.

May be you have the same problem as me. In this case, consult the bug report where you 
should find
my correction. You can access Bugzilla from a link within www.gimp.org.



De :    Roland Roberts[SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date :  mardi 27 mars 2001 05:04
Objet : [Gimp-user] Script-Fu console details

Okay, when I enter something interactively and it fails, I get some
microscopic glyphs that (presumably) contain error information.  I've
tried clicking, double-clicking and triple clicking on the thing and
while single clicking seems to do something, I can't figure out how to
get at where it thinks the problem is with my command.

How can I change how it is displaying the errors?

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