"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
> No, I finally understood the concepts of JPEG, it does a colorspace
> conversion, so any time the data is passed to RGB and back, you loose
> data, even if it is only due number rounding.
It was easier for me to think that the file was unchanged if all you did
was look at it.  But this means that all you have to do is to run it
through the jpeg library and the image data is changed?

> The best way would be to only touch the message data, not the image
> data. I do not remember any tools for this, I remember tools for
> recompressing PNG, for example. Maybe in http://freshmeat.net/ there
> is something.
Even an Image Magick "command line" comment edit would not work? 
Because the jpeg library already altered the image information?  

Is the error measurable?

All of these questions, sorry.  One more, however: is there a LUser
friendly place to read about such things?
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