Found it!
I see that I can use a grid and spin it around.  This works great!
Now, is there a way to align the rotation to a guideline?
For example, I open up a scanned photo and the photo is on a white page, but 
the photo is crooked.  I want to align the photo so it is streight.  I found 
that using guidelines helps alot, so I can get this perfect.  How can I use 
the rotate tool, combined with guidelines, to achieve this?

Thanks alot!

On Saturday 07 April 2001 09:59, you wrote:
> Hi,
> > Am I missing something, or is GIMP really limited in the ability to
> rotate an
> > image?  I nice that it is only limited "right angle", 180, 360,
> etc......
> Look for the "Transform Tool", I think it's no. 10 in the toolbox.
> Hago

Rick Rosinski
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