>From: Ryan Schuermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>in script-fu is there a way to set or control the degree that Gimp
>anti-aliases text? In photoshop there are varying degrees of alias-ness
>and all i see in making a text layer is either true or false for aliasing.

How PhotoShop actually works on this? Does the varying degrees of the
anti-aliasing mean that PS uses a varying quality resampler?

What is the actual problem? The text image is scaled down to a smaller
pixmap and thus the text becomes blurry?

The solution is to still use high quality resampler because thin lines
vanish in basic point sampling resampler, for example. Check
for how GhostView does it badly.

My suggestions are:
  (i) make text ink wider before scaling,
 (ii) use small fonts (they are typically wider) with high resolution
      and scale them up, a bold font should work too,
(iii) use curves/levels operations on the greyscale image after scaling
      to adjust the grey to more black.

An unsharp mask (after scaling) works too, but I don't recommend it.


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